Dr. Pennskin & Company
We specialize in handmade beauty and skincare products and gifts for men and women. Dr. Pennskin Shave Company offers handmade shave soap, shave cream, and extensive assortment of shaving supplies such as brushes, bowls, shave sets, safety razors, handcrafted wooden razors handles and stands .

We are the exclusive sellers of Filthy Farmgirl in NYC, and offer a large assortment of all natural organic novelty soaps, body Lotion and lip balm.

Introducing our Beauty Bee Skincare products. This line specializes in our handmade all natural Lotion bars, Heel Balms, Lip Scrub sets, Healing Salve and Sleep Balm, Coffee Butter body and hand cream, Loofah Soaps and more.

We also carry a specialty assortment of candles that we love, including Patch NYC, Archipelago Candles and Shine Candles along with our Skinny Dip body lotion candles.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 718-309-4020 or 212-481-0393